w/Sarah-Tai Black

February 13, 2019

Photos by: Setti Kidane

You started working at the Images Festival a few months ago. How are you settling into your role there?

Images is great! I'm very excited for the upcoming festival (April 11-19th). We've got a ton of fresh faces joining us this year and our programming team has put together a particularly spicy onscreen program this year. It's been such a privilege to be able to platform the artists we've got on board for 2019.

[updated, july 2020: "Images - Letter to the Board"]

What’s the most common mispronunciation of your name?

Sara. Sarah. Sarah-"TAY". Sarahkai. Sarah-Thai.

What’s the best way to get your email ignored by Sarah-Tai?

Ask me to teach you about something you can easily learn about with a quick Google search. Tokenize me. Send me hate mail.

What does being a femme mean to you?

As a fat, queer, black cis woman, "femme" articulates, for me specifically, all of the radical possibilities of being that "woman" doesn't. Femme, like "queer," feels most true to my form, both inside and out. Femme feels like getting way too emotional while listening to 'Fast Car', femme feels like reclaiming manspreading, femme feels like Missy Elliott saying "She's a Bitch", femme feels like a freshly shaved head, femme feels like Grace Jones slapping Russell Harty.

What’s a non-clouty accomplishment that you’re proud of?

Setting firm boundaries for myself and communicating more directly this past year. In true Scorpio/Gemini/Virgo fashion, conveying my needs in an honest (and, hopefully, more calm way) actually does feel as good as they said it would! On the same note: being confident in my own corny ass self.

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