Rahrah, what’s up witcha?

R: Omg, hi.

How are you feeling these days?

R: I am feeling great. I'm feeling pretty good, yeah. I’ve been chillin. Everything good, good, good. Been really busy with work.

It wasn't that long ago that things were slow.

R: I know! Clearly everybody got the go ahead and feels comfortable to get together and work again. August has been so overwhelming. It feels really good to work again, but my life was: I come home, bathe, sleep, wake up, and go to work. It was such a blur.

What sorts of questions do clients ask before shoots that they didn’t used to ask?

R: I haven't had any new clients recently, so people already know what it is. I like to make it very clear that I'm washing my hands and keeping everything clean.

What is your least favorite thing about working for yourself?

R: Sometimes, I just want somebody to be stern for me. I wish I had - not exactly a bodyguard - but someone to say you know “run me my money”. Sometimes, I think that people don't take me seriously or seriously enough.

You want a buffer or some sort of protection. How would that improve your life or what differences do you think you’d see with your business?

R: I feel like a lot. People will message me and I’m just chillin in my room relaxing. And when people email me that's literally like a separate event. I go there when I'm feeling to work, you know what I mean. It seems like people think I’m just a person that does makeup, which is so personal or whatever, so they can just message me.

It sounds like you feel that you’re too accessible to people in a way. Like people don’t understand that your personal time is yours and work needs to happen elsewhere, like over email, and not on socials.

R: Yeah. It would give me personal space to have that buffer as you said. I feel like work is involved in everything. I'm on my phone a lot and it's literally just me checking messages. People don't understand. Since I have people who DM me about my appointments, I go through my DMs anxiously worrying that I lost somebody’s info. And, I don't even mean to sound mean, I just think to myself ‘please email me so I can search your name in a search bar’. I can't do that in DMs. it's so difficult. And I actually want to do that appointment so it just makes me mad that I can't find it. And so, at any point it can just be me on a regular day chillin with my family and then I'm thinking about that.

It causes anxiety and stress and you feel like you're missing out on stuff?

R: Yeah, exactly.

Recently you’ve become more firm about having people email you about work. How’s that been going so far?

R: (laughs) When I do that to be honest, I am being very shady. I am absolutely being super shady because the people that actually respect me, they go out of their way to. Even you, as a friend, even you still say “yo, you want me to email you?”. People that know this, know this, so I’m not talking to those people. Anyways, some people literally don't care. They feel like they are above that.

Do you choose to ignore some messages?

R: Yes, that is the only way. I say to people “yeah to better reach me, email me. You will for sure get an email back.” I’m not dealing with the anxiety of your message getting lost in the sauce and also if you’re serious about booking me: buddy, first of all, you go on my page. There is an email button. Not only is there an email button, my email is in my bio. Not only is my email in my bio, there is a link to my website contact. There is no reason. I had to just ignore people, that's just where it's at.

How do you feel about ignoring people?

R: It makes me sad but also part of me is saying I'm not these peoples' bitch. People are treating me like their bitch. If my friend were telling me about this, I would be like ‘ok no, people are passing their place.’ Because these are the same people that, if I was out, aren't tryna say hi to me, you’re not tryna pay my proper rate, but you’re tryna race me down for an appointment.

Can you say more about those experiences?

R: They’ll DM me and send me a bunch of pictures to say ‘this is what I want’. This is how the message will go: they will first start off with pictures. No words, just fucking sending me pictures and I’m thinking ‘what am I getting right now? I don't even know you.’ There is no intro, I'm just getting pictures sent. I’m thinking, ‘what’s going on?’ and then on top of that, then they wanna talk about ‘I wanna shoot, I want this look’. I'm like ‘what's your name, what's your name, what's your name though’?

Usually they kind of say “oh um I’m tryna figure out location”, daddadada, so many different talks, but none about money. None about what they wanna pay me, just about what they want from me. And ‘can you do hair too?’ like hah what the fuck I still don’t know your name!

Do you generally find yourself to be an assertive person?

R: No


R: I go with the flow of what I feel most comfortable with and what I feel most aligned with. But recently I’ve been wanting to take more charge with things. Generally, I don't think I am assertive, but I would like to be.

Do you feel like most people who reach out to you understand the value of a Rahsthetics booking?

R: Yeah.

You sound apprehensive.

R: Sometimes some people will say things like ‘I know you’re worth so much more’. Then why bother even saying that? If you know I'm worth so much more then you shouldn't be coming to me until you have that. That's where the hesitation is.

How’s it been working during these (COVID) conditions? What have you been doing differently?

R: As a MUA I've already had to be so clean. So besides wearing a mask, not too different.During a gig, the client said to my assistant and I “you guys are such a breeze. It was such a chill set. You actually keep your masks on. The other MUA I've been with have not been doing that at all. If there is anybody that needs a mask it's you guys being so close.” Which I agreed with. But I wondered why wouldn’t you expect that from us? Why wouldn't you think we’d be super professional?

Like I get it, we’re two black people getting high outside of the set but when we’re working, we’re working. Regardless. Smoking doesn’t affect me at all. When I work with my assistant, we often smoke before our sets, but she knows she doesn’t have to smoke if she feels it would affect her performance. Don't think that because we’re these getting-high-ass-bitches that we’re not professional. And obviously, I always make sure that when I do smoke I make sure my clients are comfortable with that.

Do you feel like sometimes you’re underestimated or that people have a preconceived notion before they work with you?

R: I'm sure they do because that's what humans do. But I don't know what people see me as. I don't know what their notion would be. Also, I'm not into hiding myself. Which is why if I'm able to smoke on set I am going to smoke on set. There’s a director I’ve worked with many times and she knows what it is with me. She trusts me. If it's a set that I can't smoke she'll let me know. So that's why for that [Instagram] post I started it with “I’m this weed-smoking...” because obviously people think that's so unprofessional but there's never been a time when I haven't been able to perform my job. Even though I’m this chill and weird-whatever-the-fuck, I still do my job.

You can see the surprise on their face when you do a good job or when you show up and you're about your shit.

R: I've had clients who obviously have seen my Instagram, which can be uncomfortable, but I just bear with it because I already know how people are. And when people scroll through my Instagram, they might not think they are doing this, but they are grading me as they are scrolling through. Literally these little micro-things that they're doing is very telling and that happens very often and it makes me wonder why they book me.

I don't know what their experience with other MUAs are like and I don't know what they think of me, but I think maybe based on my personality, they don't think professionalism comes alongside that. My makeup is the only thing in my life that is organized. Maybe my energy gives off that I'm an all over the place type.

Why do you think they book you despite their preconceived notions?

R: I don't know. Sometimes, I feel it's for the use of my creativity.

And on some jobs, it's so weird - I hate it because people will hire me for my creativity but then they tell me what to do. For example, when you give me a mood board, you're giving me a direction of what to do but you're not telling me what to do. You're giving me the mood, vibe, or the theme to go off of. Sometimes people will do that but then as I’m doing work, they’ll hmm and... “can you do this?” like this is my job now you passed the torch. It's so personal to me.

If you want me to copy somebody's job, just say that. If you want me to replicate something else just tell me to, it's fine. I’ll do that and reference the artist. But don't tell me I have creative control but you're trying to literally control me creatively. And that happens a lot. Like why hire me? Isn't that why you hired me because I'm creative? But you’re telling me what to do? I don't get it.

Right, you feel restricted and micromanaged. Of course, you love to collaborate with folks and take suggestions but it's also important for there to be boundaries and reasonable deference. It's tough to work without that respect and communication.

R: Yeah, when we’re working together, we’re putting an art piece together so it makes sense to have people share their ideas on whether or not they like it, and I like hearing those thoughts, but I don’t like when people control me.

Are you looking forward to anything in the remaining months of this year?

R: My year is flying by. I’m not focused at all. Everything is crazy. I feel like if you could visualize me sitting on top of planet Earth and the planets are all just revolving around me. That's what I feel like is happening in 2020, everything is moving, and I'm moving with it. But at the same time, I'm still doing things.

Also, I have a project that is finally dropping. Very excited for that. And just this year being done. 2020, bitch, tried it. This year is a lot for me, but I liked it though.

Would you have been in Bermuda again this summer if it weren’t for COVID?

R: Yes, 100 percent, I would be there right now.

For longer this time?

R: Yes, 100 percent. I need to find work out there because I would love to be in Bermuda for half the year. I would like to feel like I live there.

True. Thanks for your time. Tell the good people where they can reach you for all business inquiries.

R: You can go to my website. www.rahsthetics.com, slash, contact. Services tab, if you wanna see the services. If you wanna keep it simple you can email me at info at rahsthetics.com. I like that I can say that: everything at rahsthetics.com.

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