March 7, 2019

Photos by: Setti Kidane

How would you describe your photography?

Most of my photos are taken during intimate moments with friends I consider family. I’ll typically only shoot event photos for friends that I’m close with. I try to keep my photos relative to me and my loves.

What’s something you wish more people knew about NY nightlife?

I think that people should know that there is so much opportunity in nightlife as long as you go about it the right way. Some of the closest friends and favorite projects I’ve been a part of have come through people I’ve met in night life. Also, producing events is hard as fuck. Respect these spaces and try to pay cover if you can. Everyone working these parties rely on that!

Does NY feel like home to you? (If yes, how so? If not, then where do you feel at home?)

10+ years here. I have no other home.

How’s your life outside of work these days?

I’m blessed to work on projects that I love and to be honest I never really stop hustling. My work is my life and I’m able to control it in every aspect.

Are New Year’s resolutions important to you? Do you have any resolutions or goals you’d like to share?

Every year it’s typically the same resolution. That me and my chosen fam bless up even more.

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